Harley Boy (Tristan's Moon Art Installation)


So how do i love this child even as i watch him die/ i have this responsibility/ i can clothe him. i can feed him. i am given the resources to do that/ none of that is the issue here/ the boy is suicidal and he’s dying anyway/ none of this is gentle/ anyone who thinks my responsibilities are limited to food and clothing is so stupid i can’t even go there/ these are the kind of people i have lived in remote places to ESCAPE/ the cultures these people have built have failed everyone/ we have kept this boy alive, but alive for what/ i would expand his world/ not limit it to his dying of AIDS and cancer/ the AIDS cancer has turned his cock black/ he is riddled with tumors//

so what should i call her/ i call her SPIRIT/ i fight Spirit with the dying ones/ Spirit is such a Super Bitch Fuck. i refuse to call her god/ she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what i call her/ she drops this one at the door and laughs/ thank you, you fucking witch/ the kid smells of death and really bad piss/ i ask her how much time i will have with him/ she laughs again. the bitter laugh. “not much/ you know what to do, you just don’t have the courage to do it.” and then she smiles/

i can see her breath as though the two of us are fighting in the snow/ tonight is a storm of it/ “you are impotent,” she snarls/ true enough/ my cock lost its ability to get hard a long time ago/ HIV will do that/ it came as a shock to me that i could live my life without my soldier cock stuck permanently in my head/ the old me would have thought that life without a hard cock would not be worth living/ now, i do not even miss it/ I SEE things I never SAW with my cock in my eye like that/ 



I have decided to post this video we made at Cinematheque. There are lots of art students who participate, and everyone wants to put it out there that this is where Show Me Your Life started. This is where it comes from. Real Stories Gallery and Tristan's Moon has made that possible. Students who have Cinematheque Mentors work through Show Me Your Life to acquire art and video skills. In doing so, they are also examining the dynamics of their lives and how art becomes a sharing, too. A bearing witness. At-risk does not mean we will remain invisible. We were here.

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