Survival Skills (Tristan's Moon art installation)


"i hate sex work," by Rikard

i have a mohawk

men like it

they know i have

an edge

and u can do things

to me

the other boys will

not let you do

for a price u

have to pay me

and i will suck your

shit covered cock

or you can fuck

me and whip me

cuz i do not really

care and i need the

money to buy more

drugs so i can do


sex work

that is why i hate

sex work

not becuz of

some punkass god

not becuz u r

a health care junkie

not becuz u will

never find no love

out there there is

no love

to find

but becuz eating shit

makes me throw up

unless i am so goddamn



bug juice i am going

to throw up anyway


nice people

do not give a fuck

about us

this is my life

how can people say

i can not look at this

and then say

but we can not

help nobody

joe trick please just

beat me up all u want

but if u need me

to eat shit

it will cost u


Swift horses, not a fire/ kid wakes up screaming fucking blood/ it was a night of it/ he’s rubbing his eyes like crazy, and he’s shitting his guts out in an agony/ i have seen lots of human beings in pretty dire circumstances/ this one was going to die/ i didn’t tell him that/ we get him to the ER/ he has gonorrhea of the ass/ and here’s a thing/ the eyes as well/ it’s called survival sex/ and it’s very hard to do blind/ another wild night and another fallen soldier/ the kid already has hiv but he doesn’t tell his tricks that/ he will blow you for five bucks/ you can fuck him for twenty/ he probably got the gonorrhea of the eyes when some trick came on his face/ it’s not uncommon for them to just get deeper and deeper into the thing/ they will take this kid and pump him full of antibiotics/ they’re kids working both the street and the phones/ and the sex papers where their ads are/ it’s cold out there/ i fucking do not know how they do it/ the sun is beginning to come up as i walk to the hospital with his fucking bag/ he’s in a room, now, and they have him sedated/ they’re going to shove their scopes into this one and turn turn him inside out/ i sit in this poor excuse for a chair next to machines that beep/ do you remember still the falling stars/ you smell coffee in the hall/ i think he might be a junkie, too/

Despite all the good intentions and sets of ideas laid out in United Nations and National legislation designed to protect children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, even first world countries such as the United States of America are unable or unwilling to invest in and provide appropriate safe shelters and programs for chronically neglected homeless male-children (under 19 year olds).

There are 500,000 unaccompanied homeless children in the USA and only 4,000 shelter beds across the Nation for them. Every single one of these children is at high risk for being forced to endure sexualized violence. The vast majority of these minors are male.

It is not a secret that POVERTY competes with everything and anything that anyone may say to homeless boys in adult governed environments.

Well meaning Public Health Policy Directives targeted to reduce the transmission of HIV-defining infections & diseases, STDs, addictions, mental health issues and suicide ideation, are impossible for children & adolescents to implement without safe places to live and grow up in.

Do not trade sexual acts for food, shelter, money or protection, because this course of action will pose a great risk to your short and long-term health and well-being. 

Do not take powerful non-prescription drugs to dull your hunger and pain, or to endure, and better perform, when being sexually abused and exploited, because this course of action will pose a great risk to your short and long-term health and well-being.

Do not forfeit wearing a condom (we recommend wearing two condoms for oral sex acts and one female condom for anal sex acts) if offered more money to do so, because this course of action will pose a great risk to your short and long-term health and well-being.

Please visit a 'free' health clinic, where you can learn your HIV, STD and mental health status, and get condoms.

It is important to use condoms appropriately & consistently to prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Infections (STDs/STIs), including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and if you are HIV-positive condoms will reduce your risk of being infected with a different strain of the virus. 

If you have an STD you will be prescribed a course of powerful antibiotics. You need to take the medication on time and with clean water and appropriate food. You need to find a place to keep your medications safe. You need to adhere to the medication (ie finish the course prescribed) so the treatment works. This is important because it will make you less infectious to other people and will reduce your risk for developing opportunistic infections.

If you are HIV-positive you will be prescribed a rigorous medical regime with powerful side-effects. You need to adhere to the medication, so the treatment works. Make sure you find a safe place to keep your medications safe, and take them with appropriate food and clean water. This is important because an HIV-positive person on antiretrovirals will be less infectious to other people and less likely to develop AIDS-defining infections and diseases. 

If you are HIV-positive speak with a counselor to learn strategies to visualize your life. If you are feeling depressed or agitated and are prescribed a neuroleptic medication, it is important to find a safe place to keep this valuable medication and try to listen to directions through the 'fog' you will experience: remember to take your medications on time and with food and clean drinking water. 

So on and so on and so on and so on. 

We want you to be healthier homeless kids; particularly if you are being sexually abused and sexually exploited. Being healthier homeless kids will reduce your risk of dying prematurely and make you less infectious to other people.

There but for the grace of god/ hiv among the homeless voices/ who do not necessarily remember to take their pills/ pills, pills, and more pills/ take a pill, baby, and the house of rant will suddenly appear/ the moving company will move your stuff in on friday/ please keep the lawn mowed/ pacing back and forth, back and forth/ this animal throwing himself off any number of cliffs/ there are some bushes at the back of the playground where the junkies shoot up junk/ bleach, bleach who brought the bleach: o, no one/ wtf/ we all die anyway/ also by word of mouth needle exchange 6th and market/ it knows in the rant if a lunatic has dignity/ but no/ they're not working hard enough (they lack social skills) so let us punish them/ there's a word for clinical therapy: jail/ the line around the block for a bed in the shelter smells of old men and shoes/ kaposi's sarcoma splotches climbing from the neck into the eyes/ like a roadmap to a purple destination/ community mental health does not treat hiv/ did you bring your medication list/ gotta cigarette/ curio-collecting so morose/ hiv among the homeless/ the blood on the floor of the showers at the shelter and by hope in deadly combat has become a set of wings/ down the drain of which by razor blades/ and suicides/ we have pills for those rants, too/ we all die at county general on the aids ward where the wheelchairs in the hallway are for patients only/ the john doe anonymous (for those who cannot or do not choose to remember their names or their failures) corpse gets a toe tag tied around the big toe with wire when john doe dies thin as gin and there but for the grace of fucking god go the rest of us whose thorazine cages endeavoring to pass as respectable fervently deny such cages hear/

"This is my pimp who is exploding my head in the hell of it" by Trevor

Whilst homeless boys are abandoned to find ways to survive in neglectful and abusive adult environments, the children's chances of survival are further challenged without the skills to negotiate and enforce safer survival sex practices or sadomasochist scenes. 

I call them tricks, because they are always full of them.

Rueben hits speed dial to pick him up ASAP because his trick insisted that Rueben had to be tied up. Bondage can be dangerous with people you do not know, and who you feel are acting strangely. Never continue negotiating a scene where you have said no, and have to say no twice.

I never worked the street/ i worked the phones/ which meant i fielded calls from men who wanted appointments/ outcalls were extra/ but most men wanted me to come to them versus them coming to me/ me going to them could be dangerous/ you never really knew what you were going to find in any of the places where the tricks lived/

Selling something/ everybody selling something/ walk backwards sing/ the sun vanishing at ocean beach/ call it what you like/ dead ends hyphenating street rant/ your fists pounding at the gates/ the cab drivers all knew you by your first name/

Usually what you found was other whores/ men with money want that kind of intense attention/ six whores can give you a lot of attention/ it was not uncommon to run into the same whores two or three times a night/ men who hired multiple whores liked to pay by check/ usually this is frowned upon/ whores like cash/ but it could be sort of amusing when the trick would pull out his checkbook; it would be one of those big, ledger-like leather-bound checkbooks, the kind that made the sound of zzziiippp when you tore the check out/ these checks were usually good because these men knew that if the check didn’t clear, you’d be back, and often, they didn’t really want to see you around again/

The wife will let you in/ the gig is that you will fuck him while she watches/ she lights a cigarette/ the cosmic loneliness where the long, tedious nights play themselves out charade after charade all live here/ in this house of cards and gin/ cuts out the marrow of a glacial bone/ she’s a calibrated cobra/ you do not know what he is/ but you’ll fuck him if they are paying for it/ in fact, he’s a suit/ you always know a suit/ so you’ll fuck him a little bit too hard/ just on the other side of this is not for play/ this is for revenge/ the vivisecting stares of stones for eyes/ the synapses firing the big artillery/ you wondered what they really cared about/ a lagoon of stars/ or nothing/ it was never a lagoon of stars/

So us whores would all pile into a cab with our checks and wind up at mel’s diner at 4am/ did you see the warts on that asshole big as snowcones, girl/ we would laugh/ nobody going near that thing unless you’re a nurse/ then we’d cram into a booth at mel’s and be fallin’ on the floor laughing because we knew that each one of us had a nurse’s uniform we would wear over there if we had to/ whiteshoez, whitepants, whitetop, and a thermometer/

Someone does their laundry/ someone cooks for them/ someone else brings the food to the table/ someone else cleans their toilet/ someone else makes their bed/ you are just the boy who fucks the husband because even humiliation is just an expenditure as ordinary as the gardener who cuts the grass/

You didn’t work the street unless you had to/ trolling for cars usually means strictly oral sex/ and while i did not work the street, i could not walk down polk street without cars pulling over/ you gotta call me, honey, i am not getting in that carwishyou/ where am i going?/ i’m going to the damn grocery store i gotta eat, you know/ no, i do not need a ride/ whatthefuck/

For this final climb down to gravity/ a vast purposelessness like they’ve just had too many babies born dead/ there is no song to even their unraveling/ between the delirium and the open mouths that sounds are supposed to come from, the ponies have gone home, the starting gates are empty/ she’s not so much as interested in him as to whip him with the dulled insouciance of her leeched-out eyes/ they have exiled themselves from loss and flesh; bird monsters, ichthyosaurus/ they have licked their own bones clean of earthworms and any turned inside out ornaments of regret/



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