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Real Stories Gallery Foundation is a registered charity, co-founded in 2010 by social anthropologist Rachel Bardhan (PhD).


Real Stories Gallery Foundation employs the arts & storytelling to bring greater awareness of all forms of sexual violence perpetrated against pediatric, adolescent and adult males in distinct localities around the world.  This body of work reveals the challenges faced by male survivors and spotlights the pioneering medical, psychosocial and legal services which serve their best interests. 


For further information about any of the initiatives, please contact Dr Rachel Bardhan, or follow us on Twitter @RealStoriesGF 


Our Initiatives Include

Real Stories Gallery. An art, poetry and storytelling initiative that raises awareness of all forms of sexual violence directed at men and boys, and the consequences for men and boys when they are unable to access medical, psychosocial or legal services which serve their best interests.

Show Me Your Life/ Smash Street.  An international online survivor-led and peer-mentored art program for at risk pediatric and adolescent males. 

Deja Vu. An intergenerational collaborative initiative in which adult survivors read the poetry-stories created by sexually exploited adolescent males.

Tristan's Moon. An art installation bringing greater awareness of the consequences of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking for pediatric and adolescent males who are unable to secure a safe place to live, medical, psychsocial and legal services that serve their best interests.

Just Before The Cure: The Story Of A Safe House. A screenplay created by male survivors of sexual violence (sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking).


Early Intervention

When sexually exploited pediatric and adolescent males have access to safe houses to grow up in, it is easier for a survivor to access appropriate & consistent medical care and support, and to explore whether he would like to adhere to and find ways to cope with the powerful medical regimes that he will have to take for the rest of his life. Currently there is no cure for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Controlling and treating HIV and Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) defining infections, diseases and cancers, can be a spectacularly traumatic experience for pediatric and adolescent patients who do not have a safe & supportive place to live.

When a young male survivor has access to a survivor-led and peer-mentored art program, it feels safer for him to disclose his personal story, find the energy to explore who he is, and the will to visualize and reach for who he would like to be. Art & poetry are powerful tools. They provide young male survivors with a means to communicate more safely what was done to them and what they were forced to do to survive. Disclosure demands that first responders, legislators and policymakers respond appropriately.


Real Stories Gallery Foundation is a registered 501c3 charity in the USA. Donations made can be 

EIN number: 80-0575894

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