(a screen play; work in progress)

"its was bout busting raps and standing for something..." (after eminem and cultural taboo)

the layering of ordinary things/ isn’t this the place we live most of our lives out enacting the dramas of our rooms/ doors slamming, footsteps up the stairs, the boys are playing rock and roll/ what separates the ordinary moments from the more appointed ones is usually ritual/ the days designated to represent this or that/ the dead and all their many messages are paid homage to when homage must be paid/ there are days for presidents, days for soldiers, days for dead saints, days for the explorers of continents, days for gods, days for your stupid flags, days when documents were signed, days when feasts were held, days for lovers, days you must send flowers, days of fasting, days when medea has been seen pacing in her rooms, her dresses and her shadows wet with knives/ slowly turns near her windows that look out onto the street/ away, away/

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