Walking 2 School by Blair

They were right.
I am still a
faggot. Cocksucker. I suck cock.
I sell it. To. Their. Fathers.

Please don’t tell they beg.

I’m telling.


If you tape the xrays up

to the window you can

see inside my head. My

tricks always smile and

they think they know

what motivates me. But

they are wrong. I do

not hate anyone even

when I look inside of

them and see all the

vacant spaces of their

bleeding and their holding

on so tight to me my

lungs are crushed.

My Tricks All Have Big cars by Miguel

My tricks all like showing off. Driving big car tricks. Big Cock Daddy for his little boy. You want to put your tongue you Big Daddy in my shit hole will cost you twenty bucks.

                    You want me to shit in your mouth will cost you a hundred. The cops said I beat one trick up pretty bad. But if you eat my shit and you do not pay me I am going to beat you up Big Car Daddy. You want to suck my titty will cost you one whole dollar.

                    I only eat shit if Daddy gets me needle high. You do not taste it then.

                    I piss on you will cost you fifty bucks. Your car will smell like pee. I gotta calculator running inside my head like the nurses have when you go the ER with like some pimp has broke your bones. Clicking off the numbers you will owe them.

                    You wanna come in my mouth will cost you seventy-five dollars upfront. You wanna cum in my hole will cost you an ounce of coke. I am supposed to be impressed by Daddy and his big old car.

                    But all dicks taste the same to me. I don’t own a car. You gotta be careful with the tricks cuz after they cum they want you out of there. They throw me out. And then they burn rubber out of there. Sometimes I wonder what kind of houses they live in.

                    All I know is that the houses must be big. You gotta big house and a big car and a heart smaller than my left tit in a deep freeze.

One Fucker Trick Said he Loved Me by Chase

You can’t believe no word that comes out of no trick’s mouth.

One fucker trick said he loved me.

So I came back to that trick’s house with my bag.

I got keys in there.

I gotta nife.

I gotta credit card I stole but it don’t work.

I got some clothes in there to.

Okay you fucker trick you said you love me you let me move in so you can fuck me morning, noon, and night.

You said you love me.

You got food.

It was another lie.

He said he is calling the cops.

Some day I am going to stick a trick with this knife if he says he loves me.

The only thing a trick loves is himself.

Shujaat’s Bus by Shujaat

the men who put us on the bus had guns

i did not want to go on that bus

but they will kill you so we all got

on the bus and some of them were

crying but not me cuz i knew i

would run away fast and i better

not rite about it to much cuz

those men are looking for me

and they will kill me

When I Have No Food by Trece

When I have no food

Then I get these shakes

And I have to lay down

On the floor where I

Sleep and put my coat

Over me so I can try

To stop shaking

Мой брат предупредил меня, чтобы Get Out Сергей

Мой брат жестче, чем я. Он очень грубый человек. Он сказал мне, что это место было убивать меня. Он избил меня. Кричать я должен был пойти. Теперь, я уйду из этого места. Но я всегда буду помнить, как он толкнул меня, чтобы выйти и получить жизнь.

Temprano en la mañana con los gatos por José

Yo siempre llegaba a casa con los gatos. Temprano en la mañana y mis bolsillos con el dinero. Mi familia y yo fingía no saber qué era lo que hacía. Pero era el único dinero que tenía.

Get O-U-T of my way. There is work to do.

AIDS BABY: There is no excuse for any culture on this planet that keeps producing infants with AIDS. Antiretrovirals can block transmission to the developing fetus. But no one wants to pay for it. Especially governments. And they especially do not want to pay the extraordinary amount of money these medications cost on people who are fundamentally disposable. Let Them Die is the official policy of the Russian government. Any country perpetuating a Let Them Die official program of public health policy the equivalent of neglect should be charged with crimes against humanity by the World Court in the Hague.

I would go and testify as to what I have seen.

This baby appears to be normal. But that’s the thing with HIV. It eats away at you over time. A viral load is the amount of virus the infected person is carrying around. With antiretrovirals, you can be undetectable. Without them, you are going to die. A high viral load can be in the millions.

This baby is never let out of its crib. This clearly leads to delayed development. Add HIV into that, and there is NO HOPE for this baby.

Get a fucking clue. UNAIDS, the Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, and PEPFAR are Big Pharma’s biggest enablers. You do your tribal dances with the devil. I do believe in evil. It is called indifference. You have kept that big machine alive. But that is what the suits do.

This child will be dead within your happy new year. The new year you went out and got stinking pissed over.

Don’t even bother to write to me, and fuck you with all the hate mail I get. I do not give a flying fuck about you or your hate.

The people who self-congratulate all the rahrah shit about how far we’ve come in HIV/AIDS are counting widgets and Teddy bears. It is UNACCEPTABLE that now we get to feel free at last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last.

This child has been abandoned by its parents. All the romantic notions of parenting and the idea of the “family” end right here. Right now.

Have another cocktail party. Have a Gates Foundation conference. Stay at a nice hotel. Eat at expensive restaurants. Listen to the speeches by the grand pubahs about how far we’ve come. Nod your heads approvingly like little monkeys.

But put a face on it. His face on it. How is he any different from the children you put to bed tonight.

I have news for you stupid, narcissistic, disingenuous, comfortable, uninvolved fucks. You are all beneath contempt. I wouldn’t bother to spit on your shit. Your party is premature. No one is free to bask in the curative glow of the motherfucker sun until this child’s viral load is undetectable, and the child is well.

Who speaks for him.

Big Pharma. But no. Big Pharma speaks to greed, and so do you.

Your Gerber daydreams are a nightmare. Your nurturing is a self-involved fantasy. Let’s pretend that this child gets to live to be ten.

Then, he can do sex work.

All of you make me sick enough to vomit.

Kiss my ass. Get O-U-T of my way. There is work to do.

Tim Barrus

Go change a bed pan. Make yourself useful.

I have one thing to say to the Gates Foundation. Go change a bed pan. Make yourself useful. This poor motherfucker just died. But the suits simply carry on. Can you imagine the influence the Gates Foundation might have at Big Pharma. But no. It’s business as usual. And we have made great strides. Progress even. Let’s have a party. I know, lets have a convention. Let’s give awards to one another for all the fucking progress we’ve made. The suits suck because they don’t get dirty, and they don’t get involved, and they just love giving speeches at Stanford. Cue the applause light. Standing ovation. But don’t say sex work. It’s not nice. Until the suits can get it through their wealthy heads that AIDS IS down and dirty, and that people are still dying, one by one, AIDS will always be with us. And here’s the Big Fucking Thing. Bill Gates has SAID that AIDS is intractable. Then he sighs.

It’s code for they’ve given up.

It’s really, really, really not a good sign. When Elvis has left the building, guess what. We are on our own.

Here’s a kicker. They read this blog. Google analytics can get real interesting. The come in as a not set. But their problem is that they are their own server. So when I go to “source” it says: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Imagine that. I gotta tell ya. There’s no bang for the buck, and Bill wonders why (and then he gives up). I will tell you why there is no bang for the buck, Bill.

You’re a suit. And so is your foundation. If you want to know where we keep the bed pans, just ask. — Tim Barrus

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