in transit


One of the things we are intervening with is the cycle of human trafficking. Essentially, we remove him from the marketplace. These boys have all become very vulnerable. Just what they needed. It was hard enough. Now this. Any kid who can be kept out of that wellspring of indifference, human trafficking, is worth the grief, the trouble, the uncertainty and the fact that his life has worth is not up to you. 

in transit/

i had conditions/ things that needed to happen before i could commit/ a new jeep, four wheel drive/ i know where many of the hard to reach places exist that have very little if any humanity around/ then, the places where a kid might hide from ice/ all had to be different/ off an alleyway, above a storefront/ a farm with a barn and animals/ an abandoned house/ but none of this was the hard part the hard part comes when both the kid and the parents understand there will be little contact from here on out/ unless things change, and being undocumented was not the demonized paradigm of the monsters/ the whole point is that if the kid, whatever kid we are talking about, let us pretend this kid has hiv through doing sex work in the united states/ he’s going to die if you deport his ass to mexico or central america/ it would be mean, it would be a death sentence/ this is a short term fix to a problem that is not simply going to evaporate overnight/

sexual assault crimes have almost dried up/ no one wants to call the police/ no one wants them in your house/

the boys themselves have to constantly change locations/ two weeks in kansas, and then, another two weeks in another kansas/ it’s a shell game of nut, nut, who has the nut/ figure into that an infectious disease clinic schedule/ it’s just too unbelievable for most people used to western culture’s sense of slowly moving continuity/ and then, you discover that there are a lot of people quite unlike yourself out there, and they get what this is about even if they are not willing to get their hands too dirty with it, they’re good at organizing, keeping in mind that sometimes organization has to appear to be chaotic because men with guns will arrive to bash your door down, they will take you away to lock you up before they put you on the bus for juarez, but it’s possible to resist this, to stand up and against it, to construct a record that implies not everyone saw demons, not everyone hates deeper than the hater haters hate/ and not everyone sees the merit in incarceration with the one exception being the private, profit-making prisons where everyone is reduced to the status on an animal/

in kansas/

one of them, anyway/ there are four/ what is safe/

how can anyone be safe if one population of human beings is safe, and another class of human being is not necessarily safe at all/ you are only safe is all of us are safe/ safe is when they are not hunting you down and crashing in the door of your house/

safe is if you are a kid and not being raped in a juvenile detention center run by cops/ safe is when you don’t have to turn over in your top bunk so you don’t have to see what is happening to another kid/ put your pillow over your head/

pretend to sleep/

i am in kansas/ nowhere is safe/ nowhere/

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