Tim said family meeting. Chase and Trent broke a table. I get it. Theater Smash Street. Smashing a new idea of family is now on the table. You can not know what it really means. It is my life. My abuser was my uncle. I had to live with him because my parents were dead from AIDS. He was really mad I was bringing AIDS inside his house. But what do I do. Where do I go. He was always smashing me. After he knocked a tooth out of my mouth I knew I had to get out of there. When he got close to any nives in the kitchen I got so nervus. I knew he wanted me dead. Life on the street can kill you 2. At first I am sorry but all I could do was smash everything around me. How dare he do the things he did to me. I had so many car accidents. But I refuse to let anyone beat the fuck out of me ever again and I will fight them all. I see Tim say bring it on a lot. You can not let the bastards to define you. What they did on that stage was art. It was also me in there. I am not a table. I am not a thing. I will show you my life because my life really sucks. Getting a bad man out of your head is a lot of work. Tim pushes me and it makes me mad but it is my life. He will not allow me to be lost. I will defend my right to be here. Even if you do not like me and so you smash me and I will smash you back. Nobody is going to fuck me unless I am the one who says so. Maybe I will. Maybe I will not. I got to stop busting shit up.

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