Timothée Bârrus: Show Me Your Life


Show Me Your Life gets many inquiries from social worker types who work in one capacity or another with institutionalized adolescent boys who are being held in psychiatric facilities.
Sort of like holding pens.
Would it be possible for Johnny to participate in Show Me Your Life.
Anything to get the kid to communicate. Tell me about it.
What I get back from these people are pictures of day rooms, hallways, bars on windows, and locked doors.
I have to tell you, I am tired of looking at this stuff.
It’s not a life. You aren’t showing me anything about this kid. He is more than a locked psychiatric ward. He has a LIFE. Even if the rest of us might not recognize it as a life — it’s HIS life.
Where he happens to be is temporary. He will not be with you forever. Adolescents aren’t anywhere forever.
Stop sending me these images.
If YOU (and the rest of us) are really serious about the kid showing us his life, he has to be in it.
Perhaps in order to make this happen, you might have to think outside of your boxes. You might have to risk taking the kid to his LIFE. And you might have to risk allowing him to film it.
I am not interested in seeing your office. Get real. — Tim Barrus

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