Tim Barrus / Wolfboy


Tim Barrus: WOLFBOY is a watercolor on canvas that has been on my commissioned list for about a year, now. There are many others. The commissioned list has been a huge headache for me because I don’t get to it like I should be — if I were a responsible person versus being the Internet Attila the Hun guilty of everything in the universe — and as a responsible artist I would be attending to what makes money versus my personal shortcoming which is to wander over into the poverty art arenas that bring in nothing. Wolfboy is fifteen and finds sitting for me to be a huge pain in the ass.
I am not in any way an expedient painter. Or an expedient anything. We are at the moment constructing storyboards for a video (RSG has been gifted the music) that we feel could be one of our best. It is a huge thing that RSG was gifted this score. We have to give this our best shot, and we are of the collective opinion that we need to do more painting because painting to video has a gravitas that is simply ignored by most filmmakers who are actually making art versus simply narrative. It is our feeling that painting to video can construct some unique metaphors. Where I messed up on this one is the left side of the lower lip. I wanted the perspective to imply an androgynous milieu where the lips suggest a slightly swollen aspect much in the same way a woman’s labial lips can be flushed — or swollen — which is where the suggestiveness of lips (and lipstick) in the ubiquitous sense of advertising and the use of silicon lip injections is exploited in a cultural context. The left side of the lower lip is slightly more opaque than I wanted it to be. I don’t know how to fix it because every time I tamper with it, Wolfboy appears to be more menacing than he is.
If I want menace, I try to do something with the hands. I am not sure why. I think perhaps because for menace to be real, you have to do more than look menacing; you have to actually do something, and you can suggest that far more easily with hands as the combination of hands and eyes can produce a tension that is at the same time a conflict, too. Conflict goes to irony. Wolfboy himself is about as ironic an adolescent as you can find anywhere on the planet.
My studio is a HUGE mess. Paint and canvas everywhere. 

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