she dreams of islands



where was it one first heard of the truth. The, the.

and the falling in/

from the night’s blue and falling in/ which shapes already are these/ or measurable unshapes/ the casualness of death/ switching/ shifting/ dancing to cast the anchors of the drowning off/ drowning for a cure/ one day we will risk everything/ in pain’s past tower of the guard; pain wins/ we malign the asphyxiation of our second selves all the while knowing/ we are simply lifeless bodies floating/ lay groveling/ that were arms and shoulders in the waves/ out of what destruction did it bring/ and slept/ the tiger chest for tea/ the sounding shallow what cure/ and making love with the same animal/ bone’ flesh/ family/ swims the same result/ passion for nobility/ now, there’s the shifting cure of the abyss/ if you can hold your breath/

long enough/






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